It has been a long time..

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My last post was about on9 shops. Then I've been busy with my life, well maybe pretending to be busy.. so I didn't write much.. Too many things happen after almost a year I stop writing.. I keep thinking, should I write again or not. People may not read this yet for my own personal expression, I think writing is one of my therapy. Here are my summary of my life after my last post...

1st July 2013 ---> Been posted to Kuala Lumpur after almost 1 year of waiting. I consider this as my birthday present as the next day was my birthday..

2nd July 2013 ---> new place, new friends, new environment and new experience.. Be in the working world was my biggest concern because I'm not quite independent yet I learnt continuously to be one.

My normal life began until ....

After Raya Aidilfitri ---> Finally he admit and agree to go one step closer. My prayer answered. My biggest gift ever.

23rd Nov 2013 ---> One new journey began.. The responsibility became more challenging. Try to root for each other especially me as I almost given up. Yet trying together was not that difficult.


Still doing the responsibility as usual, other than the burden of work load, there were quite here and there stories were chuck in and became the concern. From time to time, I will try my best to be good in every thing I do.