The hashtag twoseven (1)

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Why the title is #twoseven ?? Try to figure out why...

As I am a closed up or introvert person, may usually keep everything inside especially the personal things.. Then, I always go to textgram then I wrote my own quotes that closely related to my life. Sometime it also can be related to others.. So, maybe after this, I will always use the #twoseven whenever I come up with new quotes... Hope can also be related to everybody. But, why I use #twoseven , u may want to figure out later..

"People may judge from what they see, people may critic from what they think it is, but people will never know or understand the truth of it. As long as you know and understand the truth, ignore the judgement and criticism -- #twoseven"

"The past already past. What happen next is another matter. Live the present. Be happy even with a little positive thing. Embrace the future. Therefore, you find the peace in you -- #twoseven"

"Words may not exactly describe the feelings, the personalities, the past and the future. Look deep into the eyes as they hold the answers. Don't judge, try to be more understanding because the eyes always tell the truth -- #twoseven"

"Sometimes the untold story can be a good thing to others and it will deeply hurt the person who keep the untold story yet better keep it for the others' sake and happiness -- #twoseven"

"There is always a reason for the ignorance, the denial, the decision and the believing but there may not be a solid reason to feel the happiness and joyfulness because Allah allow you to feel that without any hesitation -- #twoseven"

"Believing, keep holding to the faith and put trust in our Creator always help us to feel ease no matter how hard life can be sometime -- #twoseven"