Few days ago~~~

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Something that I learnt few days ago.. It was actually couple of things.. Yes, when I think about it, my heart feel the pain and like a hole being punch on my heart.. There is a friend who can't really decide which is actually reality and the ideal world... we always want to have this concept of ideal life, where we live with our love one, together we build our castle, create wonderful memories and moment that will last forever in this world, face all the difficulties and challenges no matter how hard they are with our love one.. But we need to remember, that everything we did and do is actually based on what? We need to keep on questioning ourselves instead of asking what we wanna do today, maybe we can change it to what Allah want me to do today? Instead of keep on chasing the human love where we don't even sure whether we will be with that person, better we try to chase Allah love as we always know that He never leave us..

This is what I learnt.. This one friend is more comfortably to put a friend away from his life rather than break up with a woman which he is unsure whether she'll be the one or not.. I think because he is fully blinded by the love of human being, he doesn't care much about the world outside.. He seems to loose faith in himself and keep on saying that he is tired of all this stuff but then he will still and always love that woman no matter what.. I told him a story from my own experience but it seems I can't touch his heart to open-up and see the reality.. He still want to be in his ideal world, no matter how hard i try to advise.. People may see that i am a bit harsh on saying words but you know what people said, "Even though it is hurt, but the truth will remain the truth.."

I know it is hard to think about if we clash with our bf or gf but yet always remember that Allah knows what is the best for us, i do admit, it is hard for myself to get up and walk again after i clashed with someone.. but now, i dare to say, i'm able to run again and without any turning back.. However, i do have some regrets, the past sins will always haunting me no matter how hard i try to get rid of it but yet Allah is the most merciful, so let that be between me and Him..

I never thought that this friend will end our friendship because of someone who he think MIGHT be his future wife..i told him before to be careful with this friendship of us at the beginning but he said it is fine as we just friend.. if we just friend, why he ever thought to end it and asked me to get over it.. it is weird..and really weird.. but never mind..

if you read this, this is just what i feel and thought.. yes, i am hurt but no worries even though i'm so fragile and soft-heart, now i am strong..my tears are just something that hold me tight so that i can be strong.. i change to be a better person.. my thinking may differ from before, my principles of life also change for the better and my words become wiser, my life become healthier.. if you still reading this, take at least 10 - 15 minutes to reflect your purpose of life, your goal in life and your future planning of life-after..

This world is just temporary, nothing will last forever, so we have to change our purpose of life to what we want to bring for our life-after, our goal now need to reflect our aim for life-after and our future planning need to include why we were born in this world at the first place as a muslim.. reflect and reflect.. I am so sorry if my words hurt you but these are the truth..