Can't see a guy cries..

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I has a quite terrible affliction where I can't watch or see a boy or man cries.. I will immediately cry too even though i did know what exactly happened.. Because for me, I used to have the man figure where he is firm, strict, quite cold hearted and won't easily cry even for big things..well, i think u may guess that the man figure is my beloved abah.. so when i saw a guy crying, i felt like it must be a really tough thing just happened which he needs to carry all the burden on his shoulder by himself... even though sometimes I know the truth that they may just cry because of simple things.. however, if a guy cry in front of me just to gain my sympathy, u better stop your tears from falling or else i will stop it for you in a hard manner..

yes, i am the kind of girl who easily cry but that doesn't mean i'm weak..i am not weak, my friends said maybe it is just my best way to let all the stress out.. yup, i think so is just me, for me crying is better to let everything that stress or make me depress out of my chest, mind and heart..once i cried, i will cry hard and then i usually fall asleep..when i wake up, i feel sometimes much better but sometimes i still need times to heal the's depends to the situations..

so guys, please don't cry, only cry for necessary purposes only and i always think that the man should stand up for his woman..