My dear friends..

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They are my dear friends.. which i meet and know through my ex..somehow these two friends seem really connected with me..I can have fun together..knowing each other better day by day.. thanks my friends Mona Karmila and Nur Asyiqa.. miss ya both~~ =)

 to Ika, thanks for the lovely visit to my hometown..spending 3 days and 2 two nights together really mean a lot even we don't really speak much.. =p 

to Mona, i can't wait to meet u again and hang out together..pray for the best and i'll be there during winter.. and we gonna spend time together to collect the best and sweet memories to be remembered..


b.i.n.t.a.n.g said...

Thanks sweetheart. I miss u more and more and more.
*tfkr nk wt entry psl u both jgk..:-D

lya89na said...

u r welcome..always missing both of u.. =)