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Well, i know my title sound very negative and yes it is the negative one.. i feel sorry for myself as i am worrying about sthng that i never knew whether it will happen or not in future..i feel sorry for myself as i am too worried about sthng that i knew i will never get it..almost a year now..try to search for the love which i know may not be last forever..i need to change my search to reach the love which has been given to me all this while.. the love given by Allah..He always love me and i knew and always know that Allah never leave me as long as i stay on the right path and i don't really adore myself when i was thinking to much about the past..then i started to dream when will i meet that truly someone..i know that when the time come Allah will show me the way.. InsyaAllah.. but now, i think i am a pathetic little girl who still can't get over of what happened..past is the past and the future will hold another different story..