1st day back in Brisbane..

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Really tired after 8 hours on plane then another 1 hour waiting for my luggage..Lucky for me as i didn't bring any food, so i just go through smoothly without people checking and open my bag..Then waited for few minutes before went back to CLV..stuck 2 hours in traffic jam.. oh, really what a day for me..then, when i came back to my tiny little room, i just hate to sit and not doing anything..so i tried to unpack everything that i could first..then i went to help my tutor for junior's amazing race program.. after that, i went to Woolworths for a while to buy some stuff in case i felt really hungry at night..then, i tried to unpack the whole things and realize that i got too many sweaters, cardigans and shirts..i need to stop buying those things..then i fall asleep and almost pass my maghrib..but yet, Allah always love me and i woke up just in time and still able to perform the prayer..after that my housemate said that there still some food left and asked me to eat it if i want..ya..feeling so hungry so i ate my dinner..stay upstairs for a moment watching CSI, then went downstairs to my room..i got 2 visitors which are my juniors..we chit chatting for a moment..now, i'm blogging about this whole stuff that i've done today..need to get used to my old habit in Brisbane, sleep early at 9pm and wake up early as Subuh here is at 4am..huhu..