Run Liyana run..

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u know what? i feel like i wanna run away..far from this world..but yet i can't..i'm too attach to several things and i need to face each day with a strong will..i can't just run because if i did i never feel the success, failure, happiness and disappointment in my life..i will never learn sad, love and touch..

yet i still wanna run away really far away to a place where people may not miss me, to a place where people don't know who i am, to a place where i can feel the touch from Allah, to a place where i can redeem myself and become more my dream i can be alone..sometimes i do questions myself, why i became so negative?? why?? i do hate all those negative thing in myself outside and inside..

but now, i just wanna run and keep on running.. will there be someone who willing to run beside me.. and try to bring me to the right path? the inner part of me keep on talking and most of the time sad things, then i keep on blaming myself..please take my hand and touch my heart so that i can be strong again..yes, i am strong alone but i will be even stronger if someone willing to bring me to the right path..

for now, i will my do what i do the best which is running away.. run Liyana run..