Why i decided to come back for this summer??

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There are pros and cons making decision to come back to Malaysia this summer.. yup, i missed quite an adventurous moment living oversea as it is a life time opportunity studying and staying oversea... well, staying oversea during summer earn me extra cash, and it is really helpful for my survival in future.. Apart from that, seeing those pictures which my friends took while holidays and the farewell things for the seniors make feel that i was always missed all those wonderful and fun moment.. Other than that, i may get the opportunity to travel to interesting places that i never been before but i always dream to go.. and well, people might say, "why u came back so early? u supposed to enjoy yourself there? it is not a daily opportunity to go oversea.. and bla..bla..bla.." 

but then i see another pictures of my side, there are voices inside my heart and mind telling me that i may not need to be so selfish, enjoying my moment yet missing my beloved family.. the thing that i most fear in my life is losing my love ones forever meaning to say death.. i won't be able to face that if i don't see and make my love ones happy before i left them.. i don't wanna have a fight with them before i leave them for the sake of my future.. i'm so afraid and really terrified by that.. i heard a lot about death lately, which make me decide to come back to my family this summer holiday.. I think, and i believe that i made a great decision by coming back to Malaysia..seeing the smiles on my family members' faces make my heart bloom with excitement and enjoyment.. I just wanna make this holiday meaningful not only to me but to my family.. No one may knows the decision i made than i do except HIM.. Allah always knows what is the best for each one of us..