dunno what to do..

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Each day, i added something to my blog..
well, nothing much to do while at home..my sister already got back from hostel..
She just finished her SPM.. now, all three of us at home with my mom..
my dad kinda busy with his rally thing..so, we don't bother much..
i think if my parents have a son i am sure my dad will take him to the rally thing..
hurm..but he never ask much from my mom..he is fine with three daughters..
he definitely happy to know that his family is always at home..so he's not really worried much.. (hahaha~~~)
you know, all girls and my mom, where else we want to go??
we can't go far without his permission..besides, we love to just gather and stay at home..
chit chatting..fighting..wrestling with each other..hahaha..be the eldest make me realize that
my parents really put so much trust and hope in myself..that's why i learnt most all the thing with the
first hand experience in the real world..knowing about life make me open my eyes and heart to
become a better person..