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Hoohoo.. Mkn kenduri..hemh..i keep on dreaming about the perfect wedding that i will have one day.. When is the day? i don't really know yet.. hehe~~ well, to all my friends who really and already have the plan to go through the next step in relationship.. i pray you guys all the best and hopefully everything will go well.. When my mom and i keep on imagine how my wedding day will be, inside of me, i keep on praying one day i find my man and go through our dream day together then move towards to build a wonderful family institution as a good muslim..

But sometimes, i do still keep thinking about the past..the pain is still there.. make me feel like i never feel the true and pure love again after all that happened.. yup..hard for me to get up and when i got up, hard for me to feel the same feeling again.. Sometimes i just laugh and said to myself, will there be a man who really can open my heart again? wait and see..

Now, i don't bother much as i feel comfortable being alone just having my family and friends by my side.. i won't feel too lonely as long as i have them by my side.. and my focus for now is to get myself to the right path to become a good muslimah..i know i may not be perfect but at least i try.. maybe people may see me the same as before and if that's true i'm fine with it but the changes i made from the inside maybe just let Allah and myself know what i've done to myself for the better changes..