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I don't know, maybe for some people who read my blog, may thought i am a little pathetic and sad girl..Well, maybe i am but maybe i'm not..yes, i am too sensitive and sometimes quite moody as well as emo..but i'm still enjoy my life with wonderful friends and beloved family, and Allah is there for me to guide me every single day and things that i do..
for that, i share you my story for you to ponder, reflect and maybe get some inspiration from my story and my life..I never had any bad intention to show off or embarrass myself by writing my journey here in this blog..Even though i'm at the early 20's but yes i've been struggling quite a lot for my age and move forward for the betterment...
One said to me, we can't make others stop talking, but we ourself can stop talking bad about others.. so, what i did is i talk about me and most of what i've been experienced and gained as well as my personal opinion with observation from this wonderful life full with spices and sugar..everyday we learn something new, so do i..