Finding a friend who will stay with us..

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People always said "don't judge a book by its cover".. Hemh..well, it is true to a certain extend.. What i mean is, it is not wrong for us to judge a book by its cover but we need to be careful for what we are judging.. If we want to judge the content of the book so it will be not fair to just look at the cover.. however, if we just want to get an exciting and interesting book to read, yes the cover plays a significant role to make it appealing to the reader.. got it? hemh, lets think a little further.. how about, ask yourself, what is the purpose of nice and appealing cover but then the content wasn't so great at all?? right? another question that might wanna ask yourself before read the book, will the book just for my pleasure or help me to be a better reader? well, sometimes people can be too blind to discover the truth behind each chapter in the book, sometimes people may get lost in the middle of their reading, sometimes people discover amazing thing that they never know before..

Well, actually what i am trying to convey here is about knowing your friend, finding friend, start a new relationship with a friend.. the situation is actually similar when the first time we pick a book to read, we want something that suit our characters, our personality, and a friend that will be till the end of our life.. As i said, appearance may play a significant role when the first time we meet a new person in our life but i didn't mean that we need to find only high class people to friend with.. appearance may be interpreted differently by different people and we need to be choosy sometimes because we want a friend who can guide us not who will bring us down..right? If we meet a friend who don't really suit us, don't just leave him or her like that, go easy and then try to make a distance step by step.. Because if we just leave them like that, they may notice, and if they wanna change they will change but if they just don't care so why should we care hard for them? I am not trying to say we need to be selfish but sometimes, we have to be one because it is for our own good.. but make sure that we is selfish for the right reason and at the right time.. This is because, a friend might bring a joy and happiness to us but at the same time the poison and drug to us, a friend might come to us when they are sad but then live us when they're happy, a friend might show us the right path but sometimes they may also bring us to the wrong path..
So, it is our life, we are the controller of our own destiny, we are the one who will determine what is best for us and what is not but need to remember to seek for HIS guidance so that we may not lost.. I know sometimes i may not be a good, nice and great friend but i'm trying to improve myself for the better.. if you give yourself a chance to know me better, you might be shock for what you may discover later.. I'm too will give myself a chance to know each person who truly want to know me.. Thank you so much for all my friends who always there for me when i need you guys and for always supporting me in everything I do.. I may be quiet sometimes but it doesn't mean that i forget about all of you because i will never forget everything that i learnt from you guys.. May Allah bless all of you always..

p/s: i may be positive but sometimes may be haywire too.. =p