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It is pointless;

To let your love one knows what you feel for him after he said the relationship is over,
To let your love one notices your changes after the break up,
To let your love one knows how much your care for him when it is over,
Because, it is over.

It is pointless;
To make him understand how suffer you're when he left you,
To make him realize how you really adore him as your love one,
To make him happy by giving him a gift which you always wanted to give him,
Because things will never be the same again.

It is pointless;
To remember all those funny moments in the relationship,
To remember how you met each other for the first time,
To remember how sweet you're during the relationship,
Because there's nothing you can do to bring him back.

It is pointless;
To keep blaming yourself,
To make him know how much you regret everything that you do,
To remember that you still have chance if he said he can't love you as he used to be,
Because now both of you're in separate ways & need to move on.

One said if you really care & love someone,
You still can smile if you see his smiling face even though he's already with someone else,
Hard to do right? It is easy to say than to do it.
But at least you try & give yourself a chance to live a life again,
It is not stupid if your cry for someone that you love & he's gone,
It is a way to express what you keep in your heart.

But do remind ourselves about the promises that Allah give us,
He never lie & He know what is the best for everybody.


Anonymous said...

Pointless.. nak komen title tu dlu,bley? very classy.. like it..

yup... not every single thing is pointless. remember, we are in learning process. You learnt something right from it.. you've changed right from it.. You'll know what to expect in a relationship right after this. its gonna prepare you!!!! to be from better to.. erk better'er"... haha.. kidding liyana..

good for you!!

lya89na said...

haha..bkn ka anda yg memberi tajuk itu kpd sy, wlaupun secara x lgsg.. =) I know, not every single thing is pointless, but at least now i know..to learn from it, yup sure i learnt sthng but to change, myb take quite awhile.. =)

Anonymous said...

haha.. sempat agi tu. ye.. patut tulis bawah poem tu.. credit tu ehem ehem.. haha..

oii.. learn--- eventually-- gonna change jugak..

lya89na said...

owh..nk kna tulis ka? haha..ok2..pasni bg lg tjuk yg best2 sket pastu bleh la crdt to ......

yela..mmg la tp myb lmbt ler nk change kn?