L.O.V.E and F.A.I.T.H

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What is LOVE? I believe each one of us may have a different meaning for LOVE. It depends, some may say it is a beautiful feeling that give you something to root for, some may say it is a painful thing to go through but worth every sweat as it will give you the ease feeling that no one can describe or some may say that it is just a feeling that you feel when you care deeply about someone. What does it mean for me?

LOVE ------

I never understand how we can fall in love. It is a subtle feeling that you never know when it will come, when it will go away, when it will stay and how long it gonna stay. Very subtle... No one knows but Allah S.W.T gives you the opportunity to have a taste of LOVE, just a little taste of LOVE not all. Only HIM hold all the love. We need to learn to appreciate the taste of LOVE that Allah S.W.T gives us, never throw it away, never take it for granted, never put it aside. WHY? Because it may not come back, the feeling may not comeback as Allah hold everything that we own in this world. BUT.... if you think you lost the taste of LOVE, never give up in finding one, never ignore the chance and opportunity to search for one and never stay quiet, look out for one. Allah S.W.T will give it to you because Allah is the most merciful, Allah is our Creator... have FAITH..

FAITH ------

Everybody must have faith, the need to root on something, for us MUSLIM, ALLAH S.W.T is our Creator, always have FAITH in HIM. Only HIM is the place that we can pour everything without any hesitation, HE always listen, ALLAH never judge us, ALLAH always there and never leave us. People who not believe in Allah may question, why if HE really loves us but why HE gave us such a huge test that we cannot bear. Well, you are quite sceptical, HE gives us such test because Allah knows how far we can go, how far we can lift up the test and burden, Allah always know as HE is our Creator. Have FAITH in ALLAH S.W.T. therefore, no matter how hard the test can be, there will be a moment you will feel ease from trouble when all your tears pouring down while your are praying and talking to ALLAH S.W.T.

p/s: reminder for myself too..