The Moment - 6/11/2012

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There's a moment when u realized that someone time has come to an end
But sometimes you didn't even realize it until you lost him or her
After I received THE CALL I was quite confuse and there's a lot of thought came across my mind.. 

The moment when he was so quiet during Aidil Adha 
The moment when I felt quite soothing for the first time ever while I was with him
The moment when he didn't joke around much with me
The moment when he just smile while I hold his hands for the last time..

When I arrived there,
Then came the moment where he was all white and pale
The moment when his face was so bright with a smile 
The moment when they asked for the children and grandchildren to kiss him goodbye for the last time
The moment when they put him in the 'liang lahad' I hold my tears

I felt so calm for the first time as now I'm learning to accept that every living thing will eventually die
I felt quite sad and gloomy at the same time as my relationship with him was not so closed
The mixed feeling was normal, the memories that ran through my mind were also normal,
But the new thing that I learned was I can calmly reflect most of the things about life

I'm not the favourite or closest grandchild yet he's presence will be missed forever
No use of regretting anything, may the prayer comfort him there,
Hoping that he will be placed with good people,
Ya Allah, please bless him; my dear 'Tok Ayah'; Hj.Omar bin Hjh Bedah and placed him with good people..