Should I give up??

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I felt very disturb right now. Trying hard, putting so much effort of knowing a person and helping him to come out from his comfort zone yet till now, still nothing change much from what I could feel. I don't know if that person feel the same because he never told me anything.

I'm getting tired now, knowing that my efforts don't gv a big impact on that person. It makes me frustrated, I guess. Should I keep praying to Allah so that the person open his heart or should I just stop hoping and just act as a helping friend?? I know that whatever it is I need to always have faith in Allah and keep on praying for a betterment, yet this is too much and painful. Only Allah knows whether it will be paid off or not. 

I should stop worrying much. Always pray to Allah to gv me strength and courage to continue my journey. This is just one small matter that should not be taken too deep. I know HE loves me and always with me, only HIM will never let me astray.