New obsession~~ "The Hunger Games"

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My new obsession this year, gonna be the new movie which I watched recently with my sister; "The Hunger Games".. I never know that it was adapted from a novel, i just got to know it when I watched the movie.. After I became single again, I has no interest in watching those lovely romantic kind of movie.. I turn out to be someone who love some action in the movie.. Which I wish could help me to see the underlying meaning of each action done..

After I watched that movie, I became quite attached to it in the sense that those romantic in action's movie is more genuine than it the romantic movie.. Well, it is not just that, the story line seems to have underlying message to people around the world in which you can choose whether to take lightly or to do some reflection and take action.. I then came to a realization that this is a trilogy story which I am so anticipate for the next movie..

I got my RM200 book voucher, I thought I wanna buy the first book, but then I was so interested on the 3rd book.. I never read or heard the story before, so it seems awkward to read from the last to the start..but I guess that's does not matter, as long as I will know the story well, it could make me feel so anticipate..hope to finish it soon, while waiting for the 1st and 2nd novels to arrive from UK.. :)

In the mean time, I need to finish up my assignment 1st before I'm drowning with the obsession over the story.. :) Till then..