My random thoughts of the night..

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Nothing much to say really.. Just finished my last assignment yesterday.. well, i got another assessment which is the exam yet it is on 15th of May.. well, another 2 weeks?? so nothing much to do.. just keep on doing some reflection about myself..reading all the untouchable novels that I bought before..trying to finish them as much as possible.. because it'll be such a waste right? if I hadn't finished reading those books and novels..

And now as usual, again home alone in my rental house.. trying to control my diet, as I got problem with some sort of food these few days.. trying to think whether i am in need of someone in my life as my life partner or not..well, that's little thing always came to my mind no matter what, where and when.. my heart feel quite nothing at the moment, what the most thing is I need to clean up the dirt in my heart 1st..maybe that's why i don't care much about finding someone.. but then I thought of my mother's hope to see I has a family one day.. sometime i feel quite stuck in the middle and the moment as other people also put that pressure on my mom and myself by asking when is my big day?

I always has this kind of thinking in which I always see myself as myself even though I got married one day.. but maybe in much better condition.. for those who understand you know what i mean but for those who is not, i'm sorry..i can't help you to understand what i mean as it is just complicated.. that's life isn't it?? trying to balance out our priority of the world here and the life-after.. that's a nature of human being.. normal i guess for those who have faith in believing that there is God; our creator..

Tonight, i just blurt random stuff i guess.. what's come to my mind and what my heart wants me to write.. I just keep on typing until i think i should stop which mean now.. that's all, see ya later folks..