Pathological fear vs calm..

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Who knows what pathological fear mean?? please do comment if i made a mistake in giving the definition..
Well from my understanding, pathological fear is a phobia to small things which can make a person drive insane for awhile. Then when the problem settle of resolve, they might feel calm and comfortable again.. Well according to definition i found on the net, means a fear that is not the norm and is considered to be unhealthy for the individual with the fear.(taken from:

Well, do believe i had this thing as i easily get feared of something event only for a small thing. Well let say if u guys watched final destination 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, anything that simple which we are not really care or aware can cause us a horrible and terrible death instead. So, i have that kind of phobia.. Small thing, i always concious and get scared out of nowhere.

The only time that i think i fully calm is well i fall asleep because of tiredness or overload of work.. beacuse i fall into deep sleep where i don't have any nightmare, or terrible insomnia at the moment..

So people who know me, please not let me feel with guilt every time u wanna scare me, please2.. i tend to think all of sort things that lead to my phobias.. heee~~ thank u, really appreciate that..