My Favourite~~

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My new and favourite quote for this year is: -

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional," by Claudie Bakker..

I think and  now I begin to believe that it is actually true because I already known people who are like this..
I never thought that some people choose to be a kid inside and outside even in critical situation where in some circumstances, we can be like a kid and act like a kid yet we need to be able to distinguish when to act like an adult and behave accordingly to our age..

Well, same goes to me I guess..I know, sometimes I may act like a kid, behave like a kid but I know when to be an adult and act like one..It is actually up to the person to grow their maturity accordingly to their age and experiences that they had..some people maybe young at age but they are old in experiences.. so reflect, think wisely and act like one.. till then.. take care.. :)