Brisbane has changed me a lot...

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Tonight, half of my friends will be leaving Brisbane for good not knowing when we will ever come back here..
I cry, I looked at the sky, I ponder for awhile, reflecting everything.. Yes, here in Brisbane, I learnt to know my Creator from the deepest of the bottom of my heart..The white plain canvas before, now full with colours of memories.. I got mix feeling, I wanna go back to Malaysia too but I feel so ill and painful in my heart to leave Brisbane..I learnt a lot here, I be independent, most important thing I learnt how to be good muslimah.. I make friends, I travel to create memories... Actually, what can I do know is crying all my heart out.. Brisbane has change me a lot in many positive ways.. I gonna miss Brisbane so much..


b.i.n.t.a.n.g said...

i miss u.. really miss u.