My voice~~

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I know that my voice is not that charming which people will say that this person has really nice and sweet personally.. but whatever it is, it is my voice, a human voice which Allah gave to me to complete my life so that I can speak.. Because of the weather and my condition (the flu, fever, cough and sore throat) I began to lost my original voice bit by bit.. today it got worst.. I totally forget that, this is a reminder from Allah to see whether i appreciate myself or not.. I should never complaint and try to get better.. even though medicine is just a helping aid and only Allah will decide when i'll be better; as we know Allah won't help those people who did not help themselves first.. so, i'll try to do my best with the help of medicine and pray to Allah, hopefully He will cure me soon.. :)


b.i.n.t.a.n.g said...

rajin2 mkn ubat!! make sure blk mlaysia nnti suare dah sedap mcm slalu hehe~

nadia mustafa said...

Moga sihat cepat :)

lya89na said...

Mekasih shbt2.. :) hopefully to be better soon..