Lucky me if...

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One my way back from work this afternoon, suddenly this one thought pop-up in my mind and my heart feel a little uncomfortable.. My heart full with hope and the hope is quite high yet i know it is hard to achieve but it is not impossible.. wanna know what's the thought is all about?? the thought is....

"Alangkah bahagianya diri ini andai ada sesorg lelaki ajnabi yg mampu menerima dan mencintai diri ini kerana Allah..adakah di luar sana??"

Before this i never thought that way..i always hoping to get a figure of a man who will always love me as who i am without looking at my past and together move forward for better future..but now, honestly i'm changing my thought because if the person love me because of Allah, he will never regret it, he will never look at my past and saying things that i can't change about my past, he will enthusiasm and passion take my hands and together we move to build a better baitul muslim..

But then, another thought coming to my mind..

"tp kalau aku nk ada org terima and syg diri aku kerana Allah mestilah aku kna berubh ka arah yg diredhai agar aku pun mampu terima dan syg org itu sbb Allah.. mana bleh if nk berharap org lain mc tu if aku xmcm tu.."

in other words, "if you want people to treat u as good as possible, u need to treat them as good as possible first..what u treat is what u get later.." hurm..keeping thinking and keep on improving myself to become more mature and good muslimah..what changes i did now may be rewarded later, as everything happens must have a i always say Allah knows what is the best for us, and that thought is really wonderful as it is kind of an inspiration for me to become better muslimah.. :)