The Feeling..

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I was so worried, really worried as I always counting days and then it is time for me to leave Brisbane.. I love being abroad really make me feel so close to everything that i'm not close to before.. but now, the real challenge will begin once i hit Malaysia.. Everything will change and i wonder whether this 2 years in Brisbane really make me tough enough to face the real world in Malaysia.. i am so afraid if i lost my momentum again.. My heart feels so uneasy and quite painful right now.. i wish i can just get another year here.. but i know that will never happen.. the reality soon will begin, no matter how hard it will be i must face it, can't run away anymore like i used to before..

I learnt a lot here, everything that i learnt were really precious and wonderful, even though there were tough time which hard for me to get up; yet i still get up and now i'm running, really fast to move forward.. i hope these 2 years will help me a lot in facing the reality in Malaysia.. Ya Allah, i learnt so much here, You know how i feel, help me by giving strength and always be by my side.. Alhamdulillah, thank you Ya Allah for giving me this wonderful opportunity..


b.i.n.t.a.n.g said...

saya tau awak boleh. Malaysia is way more better than anything. ada family and friends yang selalu sokong kita. will wait for u sweetheart. tak sabar nak jumpa :)

lya89na said...

I know Malaysia is still the best but staying here for 2 years make me more close to Him..the pressure of being far from family & friends actually taught me to behave well than before..make me improve myself..thanks for always remember me & i'm sorry for being quite an awful friend..hope to see u soon my dear..