YongSeo or Goguma Couple

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If you haven't seen the "make believe" marriage show by MBC Variety (Korea) "We Got Married", you may not know what i'm talking about. I'm addicted to this lovely and pure couple, even though it is just a make believe relationship; i think in a way it is so sweet and i learnt quite a lot from the couple.. I've been watching all the episode over and over again when i got my spare time and trying hard to search for good quality of the episodes for my own personal collection... Many goguma's wrote their petition in order to let MBC hear their voice to produce YongSeo couple dvd with uncut scene.. Fans are falling in love with them as they are pure and sweet when they 1st started filming We Got Married.. Now, i begin my journey as one of the gogumas and keep on updating myself with new info about them..


p/s: the pictures taken are from different blog and website, i do not own them and i did put the link to make sure that you can visit the blog or website and become their follower and all the credits go to the photographers, the blogs and all gogumas.. thank you..


Anonymous said...

Ada ke dvd dia? Bestnya...

lya89na said...

nope..xdalah..just download from some from fan website..for personal reference in future..