Beauty care~~

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After such a long and busy time, now I'm here again..busy with studying and all sort of assignment make me feel my life is just me, assignment and class..Even though i did some other stuff with my housemates and cohort mates, seems like it still involve around those class and assignment..ok, now enough about that..

i just want share that, when now i'm entering 22 year-old, i become more aware of the beauty care.. but still, i don't really like to wear make up and yes, i don't wear make up.. i mean, now, i always put lotion after bathing, put hand cream after doing some chores, put lip balm as frequent as possible, put some mask 3 times a week, after i washed my face i put toner then moisturizer and finally face cream.. seriously, only now i really care.. haish~~ I should be more careful as this body of mine is just something that He gave me for awhile.. I don't have to be too obsess to be pretty but just enough to take care of what He gave me.. I should always keep in mind that He gave me this such wonderful body, face and with all the perfect sense and figure, I need to be more grateful than before. Alhamdulillah, even though i know that i don't have that extra bonus of what people call beautiful, pretty, cute and etc, i never regret any of it as i know, He made me as perfectly as possible in my own way.. Thank you Allah and Alhamdulillah...