It is hard..

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Arrgghhh!!! I totally lost is hard and really how.. Ya Allah, why I did meet him at the first place?? Why?? I know that he open my heart to see the world and accept me who ever i was regardless of whatever the past i'm in.. but now You know that i wanna change my old path to the new one to the light.. how he could not understand that?? Our life in this world is quite short and i know that i am not worth to be part of the heaven but yet i don't want to be put straight away to the hell.. Gosh, it is hard.. Can You get ride all the dirt in our heart?? Will You help him to, Ya Allah? please.. i'm begging You..Let this Ramadhan helps us both to turn our path to the right one.. not only us but my family, friends and all other muslimin and muslimat..


b.i.n.t.a.n.g said...

what happen dear?