Too young~~

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Many people may seem to say that young people may not have lots experiences about life than the older people.. You wanna know what I think?? Well, i think many people were not exactly right.. Wanna know why?? Let me tell you why..

Firstly, age doesn't matter because the struggle and hardship are what matter the most.. people learn from their past and all the way their journey they carry happiness, laughter, sadness and misery.. i think people who struggle much along the way is the one who can be consider as mature even though their age doesn't seem to say so..

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
Mark Twain"

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Secondly, some people started their discovery of life since they're little girls or boys, they learnt a lot from their family, parents, surrounding and friends.. Allah must really loves them as HE believes they can carry all the hardship and becoming better person each day.. some people begin their journey when they are teenagers, so their level of understanding about life may differ from others who learnt since a little child..

Thirdly, everyone has their own phase while learning, some may learn very fast and quickly but for some they take time to really digest and after several ups and downs they realize they learnt something about life... Everyone has their own personal development which they carry all the way and each day they will notice they learn something..

Fourthly, for me no one is too young to learn something.. maybe it is just the time they realize the relevant behind each story makes them grow up..people may not realize that when they was a kid, they already learnt about the world and when they grew day by day they learnt every event came with a value, when they grow month by month they realize the values are important for them to succeed, and year by year they now become a better person in their own story of life..

Finally for me, yes i am just 21++ at the moment i wrote this entry but trust me, i went through many hardship that made me who i am today.. there are still a lot to learn from this life and hoping in future the values which i learnt in this life will make my life after more beautiful and wonderful.. remember that nobody is too young to be mature, it is up to them to decide when they wanna grow up and be a better person.. Thank you Allah for this great opportunity and with YOUR love, i go through those hardship with more respect and responsible..