My attempt~~~ Red Velvet Cake

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I never thought I will put a lot of effort in baking a cake.. Before this i just a helping hand, does not know the real recipe.. When my friend asked me to pass something while the process, i just follow the instructions.. But yesterday was quite a huge success for me.. even though i'm not the one who using the mixer to put all of them together but i'm helping to measure the ingredients, and told them step by step what to do next.. and guess what?? I'm loving it and the cake turns out to be a success for me and my friends whose 1st time baking a cake without professional guidance (i mean there is one of my friend is a master in cooking but yesterday she's not helping as she just came back from Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia).. Oh, by the way recipe taken from this website -->

Thank you for the one who post the recipe online..this is the easiest one, that's why I choose it.. =)

These are some photos that I took after everything was finished..