It has been awhile...

| | has been too long.. yes, i do miss the moments as they were my best memories.. walking alone in this street of life doesn't meant that I will always be alone..I met with interesting people and learning all the way to handle my path..I realized that i grow stronger each day, now i am not crying because of my problem fighting or quarrellings with my love one (other than my family) as i don't have one anymore , stress or misunderstanding in relationship..i don't have to cry because of that anymore, but yes, i do still cry if i watch sad moment in the movies or real life..

I chose this path as I think it is the best path for now..I do wish and pray that I will meet with someone who deserve my heart as he willing to take me to be his faithful wife for the rest of his life.. I don't have any problem to falling again but I has problem in finding one.. May Allah has a great plan for me in my future which yet to be discover by me.. Yes, i am planning too but I always has faith that HIS planning is always the best for me..

I am not used to be romantic anymore, i am not used to guess what people feel or think anymore, and i am not used to be sweet as I grow everyday with new spirit, i learnt to be mature even though i'm still young.. for someone who might not know me from the beginning of my journey, you may know just the way i am, but for people who know me from the past, you may think that i change a lot..sorry for the changes but i think now it suit me better..

I am not the kind of girl who always easy to mingle, brave to speak up or showing off to let others see me.. I am kind of girl who is introvert, very closed as i always at home with my family, don't really know how to start a conversation if i meet new people, just waiting for someone to approach me and love to just stay low..

But for now, I just wanna live my life, make my parents proud of me, make my sisters happy and if one day something happen and that's the time i decide to let somebody in, i will allow it happen..and for now, I always has faith in Allah and may the best to be discover soon...