I'm not showing off...

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Well, i am an English teacher to-be.. I really love the subject and the language very much since i was a little girl.. I want to be the one who can master the language and proudly said that i am bilingual in really correct manner.. knowing two languages and be able to speak the languages fluently is really my dream.. whenever i speak English that doesn't mean i want to show off to others that i can speak the language.. using other language to speak is not a sin as it is a process of knowing and learning for better future..if you said that i am showing off because i speak English how about people who is chinese or indian that speaks Malay language within their community?? won't they be consider as showing off because they able to speak other language than their own language?? and i know u might wanna say because Malay language is the Malaysia's national language so it is important for every Malaysian to know and understand the language.. but again, u need to remember and consider that English is a global language.. it is not only a high-class language anymore, it is a global language and most of the resources are in English so everybody should at least try to learn and speak the English language.. yup, i know, just knowing English is different from speaking English.. but is it a fault if the person can master both elements?? knowing and able to speak??

I am not perfect even though i am going to be English teacher.. I has a lot more to improve in term of my pronunciation, enunciation, grammar and vocabulary.. a good writer in English language doesn't mean he or she able to speak the language without any grammar or vocabulary mistakes.. there are a lot of things need to be consider before we do something and whatever it is always put trust and pray to Allah that HE knows what is the best plan for us.. who knows one day i can change others perception on how important English language in today's world...i always believe that it is ok to make mistakes sometimes if we can learn from it and keep remind ourselves that whatever we learn come from Allah..

I'm always thankful and grateful to whatever HE gave me..be able to learn English language in thorough and in deep is really a great opportunity for me.. i feel bless as Allah give me the chance to learn and become better person in future..so, whoever read my entry i hope u can join me in my adventure to learn and speak the global language as i believe it can give us a lot of benefits for our future.. never said you can't before you try it..