Feeling like giving up...

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Sometimes, I feel too tired with everything that's going on..Well, what can I say, that's life babe.. Life is never easy, if life is easy so people will not call it life, right?? I choose to be born in this world, I choose to carry all the burden no matter how hard it is.. So, now i need to bear with it..No matter what happened, my faith is always be with Allah, I know HE has a perfect plan for me in this world, I just hope I can keep holding on till my last breath..

Dear Liyana,
I'm begging u to just keep on holding and trusting that Allah as HE always believe that you can survive.. Always keep on telling your mind and heart that u can do it and also say that no matter what u will give a try.. I get down on my knees, asking u do not give up, have faith as stated in surah Asy-syarh: 5 &6, "Maka sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan. Sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan." And please my dear, be patient as stated in surah Ar-Ruum: 60 "Maka bersabarlah kamu, sesungguhnya janji Allah adalah benar dan sekali-kali janganlah orang-orang yang tidak meyakini (kebenaran ayat-ayat Allah) itu menggelisahkan kamu.?" So please Liyana, stay strong as I know that u are already strong and mature..keep on holding as Allah will show you the way..InsyaAllah..

Sincerely ,
Norliyana Azman


b.i.n.t.a.n.g said...

hey whats the matter dear?

lya89na said...

nothing dear..just feeling a little tired with this hectic semester..and then with work..huhu..but i know that success may not come without hard work..right?