Like seriously u mean that, mama??

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I can't believe myself when my mama asked me, "If mama tolong carikan utk awak mau x?" and my reaction is like, "What???!!" not really shouting or yelling at her..just inside my heart and my mind.. wanna know how and when it happened? Let me tell u how the story actually began..

I told my mama when she is free, can she ask my little sister to on9 her skype as i wanna show her the flannelette bed sheet i bought her..Then after i break my fast around 5.30pm here, my sister video call me on skype.. So i talked to my mama as usual, showing here the bed sheet and then she mentioned that my sister got to enter UiTM for science computer course (diploma).. of course i am proud of her even though she felt a little down because her SPM result..but that doesn't matter anymore as she has been given second opportunity to prove; she is all good and ready to achieve new things in he life.. however, she felt so sad and miserable as she got in to UiTM Arau, which is still in Perlis..she wish to get out from Perlis like me, staying away and learn to be independent.. she does not really wanna talk to me as she thinks she is no best or any better than me.. I told her through msg that she's going to be 18 soon, need to think like a mature person..think at the bright side..and the advise go on and on..bla..bla..bla..

Then I asked my mama how about her bf, and mama smiled and said, he got to the same UiTM but different course.. and my mama continued, "Ntah2 dy kawen awai dr awak.." I just laughed and replied, "bgus la..if dy kawen awal pun xda itu hadiah langkah bendul sy mau tuntut.." hahaha..i won't mind at all if she got married 1st or whatever as long as it is good for her and i'm proud to be the eldest as usual.. Suddenly, while I was laughing out loud, she added, "If mama carikan utk awak mau x?" I was liked, "What???!!" but then i replied, "ikut mama la..1st xmau cikgu if boleh, pastu rupa bg sedap mata memndg yer, kna da kerja tetap if boleh up sket dr kak long..pastu kna lbh sbr dr kak long and bleh memimpin sy dlm bab2 agama ni.." then I made my cheeky smile but my mama seriously said, "ala, cr cikgu la sng..cuti sama2.." "ala, if boleh xmau la" i said..and she added, "tgk la nnt mama tyr ty2 ka.." in my heart i feel like, "are you serious mama? oh, now i'm scared,"...

Yup, i am scared, is she seriously thinking to find me one? she said she never want to find me one as our taste is completely different and she doesn't want to take the blame if something happen later.. now, it's different..i think it is because she sees that my sister is going stable even though she is just 18..she has been in a relationship for almost 3 years now, then going to the same university together..not like me, the longest was 2 years and 28 days.. i hope she doesn't mean that well..just let me enjoy my single life while i'm studying..when i start working in 2013, i'm sure i'm gonna find one guy who willing to take me as his faithfully wife..

Dear mama, don't worry much..i'm gonna be okay..if it meant to be that i'm not married in this life, i'm sure that i'll find my happiness later in the other life..i will take care of u and abah instead of looking for someone to look after me.. =)


b.i.n.t.a.n.g said...

haha best la mama!! saye nk jd pengapit!!

lya89na said...

heeee~~ rsnya lmbt lg.. if org tlg crkn ni wat sy nervous la..haha