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really tired and i never thought that it can be this hectic.. working part time, study with full assignment..and try squeeze some times to have fun..i hardly remember when is actually my rest time except from sleeping at night..i never thought that i can stay this strong with all those things happening so fast..and i hardly call my family in Malaysia..sometimes my mama sent me a msg asking how am i doing here? i am so sorry mama, abah, kak ngah and atin..i'm trying hard now to stand on my own feet and keep on improving myself for the better..i know u guys sometimes feel worried but don't worry as long as my friends didn't send u guys msg telling that i'm not ok, i am fine here..i am so lucky as Allah choose me to get this life time opportunity..i learnt a lot about life and about Islam..i discover more, day by day..even though sometimes i keep on repeating the same mistake as i tend to forget and get control over by my emotional, i did learnt something which will help me to prepare myself for the future.. but now, yes..i am tired and really tired..i hardly keep my eyes wide open at this hour..normally after biggest loser Australia, i will solat Isya' and then went off to bed.. that's all folks..off to bed..night people..


dindingkosong said...

nyte...sleep tight...have a good rest...