Haish...ada silent reader plak..

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Hurm..apa la lg yer..xgunanya nk lawan..so what should i do?? always pray for the best..always have faith that everything happened for a reason.. no one will care but there is always Allah who care the most.. and like i said, i may not be perfect, i don't mind to take a risk in learning something in my life but please mind your words.. i never meant to hurt anybody.. i never want to make an early assumption as i believe people who know me well will know what kind of a person i am.. again, this may be my down fall, when i got up, i may face some trouble which pull me down again..may be HE wants me to remember that everything that happened will come back to me and then i will look up for HIM..

but please, if u don't like me, just stay away from me..no need to read my blog if u just wanna write hate things about me..no need to push my limit because i won't fight back..no need to be sarcasm because i know what am i doing.. no need to threaten me as i won't feel a thing..this blog is mine and always be mine.. this is my story and my journey as i said this blog is like my life journal.. i never had attention to let people always come and visit my blog and read my story..i love to write and i am comfortable this way.. i don't mind what do u want to think i am as Allah and myself know the best who am i..

Just STOP reading my blog if u don't want to feel the pain in your heart..that's all i wanna say for now..thank u so much and your cooperation is much appreciated..