Silly me!

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This entry has 2 different story about 2 guys and how silly i am to even think like that in the 1st one and how stupid i am to said that in the 2nd one..

1st story:
Now i am so silly..what do i have in mind?? why he asked that question at that moment?? I can't really run away when someone asked me that.. I am stuck in a moment when asked me that question..then the truth had been revealed and now he knows.. oh, Liyana what have u done??? U know him well, i mean even though not really that well but the obvious one..u know it..the status.. waaa~~ =( feeling like lost and wanna cry..yup..crying is the best medicine for me since i was a baby..i've ruin the whole friendship with him, i guess..and now he said better to pray for the best as Allah knows what is the best for us..

2nd story:
Another silly thing i did these past few days was i spontaneously said to this guy, "a' pun suka awk jugak" when he said that he liked me..what i really mean is that i like him as my friend, buddy..but not more than that..oh, what a dumb!! I hate to make mistake which involve other's feeling.. because i hate to broke other people heart..only after 2 days i realize that he actually meant the other way of 'like'.. aaarrrgghhh!!! yes i am so what am i going to do?? maybe just let it be..try to withdraw myself slowly as i don't want to break people heart.. this one really made my day terrible and everything that i did today is a mess.. i am so sorry.. Ya Allah, please help him to understand.. I just wanna be friend..not more than that with this guy..

Moral of the incidents:
1st story = Need to prepare myself early with 'cepu mas' questions..huhu..kan dh kantoi..adeh~~~
2nd story = Need to be more careful when i said something which involves people feeling.. bak kata pepatah melayu, "terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata x boleh nk wat pa2 dh".. pdn muka aku..huhu =(