Feeling like crying..

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I really wanna cry right now.. tp ini maybe just dugaan for me.. since the beginning of the semester i seems to forgot everything that i learnt during last Ramadhan.. mmg btol kata org..bila dlm ssh br kita btol2 ingat DIA..bila sng terasa ssh skali kita nk tunaikan apa yg kita janji dgn DIA selama ni..for me now, maybe crying is the medicine who always be my friend since I was a little girl.. even on simple things my tears will drop..they don't care if people stares at me..they just drop and keep on dropping till i go away and redeem myself..Allah always give me a chance to fix myself before i go to far ahead..and i really love when HE always make me realize in the middle of the road so that i can muhasabah diri seblum bgun semula utk meneruskan hari2 yg mndtg.. Smoga Engkau sentiasa tabahkn hati hamba-Mu ini, Ya Allah..