Please don't hurt us..

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Woman's heart is fragile and really easily broken at any time and anywhere..

even a small thing can cause a whole damage to the entire woman's heart.. don't manipulate us with your sweet talk, promises that u think that cannot be kept because woman's heart will put high hope then once the promise became a dream and just a dream, woman's heart will start to falling and tearing apart then it become pieces that cannot be glued like humpty dumpty..

every woman dream to have a guy who willing to take her as his faithful wife for the rest of his life and help her to build an institution which will be bless by Allah S.W.T. woman does not want a boy who running and hide when it came to face the problem..woman believed in a guy who will stand up for them no matter what happened as she will stand up for her man with all her life..

woman's heart is so sensitive and sometimes it can create a great disaster when it is falling apart, we cannot understand why? but it happened..and what normally a woman will do when she feels a hole is being punch to her heart? wanna know? she will try to treat it with tears..tears will roll down from her eyes then to her cheeks..the tear drops is like a medicine for her to keep holding.. but the heart will keep on bleeding until she found a way to make herself strong and believed that everything happened for a reason..

 A woman will try to climb up the stairs until she reach the solution for her broken heart..

Please guys out there, don't hurt us, we are harmless, what we want from you is to take care of us like the Prophet taught us, lead us to the right path so that both of us will feel the bless from Allah S.W.T., give us love and we will repay you with love, hold our hand to go through the day with excitement and enjoyment which create colours and memories that can be replaced and erased..

There is no perfect person in this world, a man and a woman are like a jigsaw puzzle, they need each other to complete the picture so that it will be perfect.. see the imperfection in yourself first then u might find the match in your partner, then you can consider yourself perfect..everybody need their other half to complete their life..

If you already found someone, please take care of each other heart..because it is the most important part in our body to control the feelings..a relationship needs a lot of courage, trust, and most important thing seek for HIS blessing so that the relationship will be on the right path..

Please don't hurt us...