Life as Uni Student.

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I never thought life as a Uni student can be this hard..Well, basically what a student needs to do is study and be prepared for the examination as well as try to achieve high grades so that you can graduate with flying colours.. Even though it is hard and always become harder each year, i still love to be a student..i love to learn and learning new things each day make me realize that i can make a different to change the world, day, who knows, right? Given this opportunity to study oversea is such a bless for me as i really learn and go through many hardship before i can be who i always wanna be..It has always been my dream to become a teacher and it's about to come true once i graduate from IPGM and QUT...i really appreciate the opportunity given to me..hope this semester will be a wonderful one for me as this is my last year in Australia.. =)