Not my day..

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Well, i is not really my day..everything that i did, must me wrong somewhere.. yes, today i went too far.. i got too mad to a guy at the petrol station..then while i was driving a car with the plat WTF was totally rude as she try to over take me but yet she fail and she was at the wrong sight of the road..i wanna go straight but she wanna turn left..i was on the left sight of the road at the traffic light as i wanna go straight after that, but that girl was on the left of the road as i believed she wanna go left but then she went straight ahead after the light turn green..i was totally in a speed and she was at my blind side..she expected that i know she wanna turn left, she tried to over take me but fail because she was not in full speed enough, so she slow down her car and she gave the light signal, how rude she was..that was her fault, how dare she gave the light..i was so mad just now then, i when i reached home, i pray and tried to get some sleep..maybe it was not my day after all..