Me? A Blogger? Seriously?

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The question may not only be why but also what? how?..
First of all let me just say that, i need a space and time for myself when i'm under pressure..
Seriously, i think some people may not understand me at all as i'm also not really know myself yet..
And it is my habit when i feel something distracting me, or i got some kind of uneasy feeling i tend to talk in front of the mirror while i upset then i begin to take out paper and pen and begin my writing.. but now with the technology so i decided to write a blog..
I thought for quite awhile before starting this blog because it is not really easy for me to may let others know how i feel inside..the pain, the depression and the stress..however i also wanna share my sweet and wonderful moment in my writing, people may think i'm a sick person because most of my writing quite negative..but actually i'm not that sick, it is just me..everything about i say, when i'm under pressure or some kind of uneasy feeling i begin to write so that is why most of my writing are like kinda pathetic..

Apart from that, sometimes nobody ever heard my opinion and my thoughts so i decided to put almost everything here the bad and good about what i learnt, observed, saw, heard and experienced..
well, what make me so determine to start this blog thing, hurm.. with a broken heart, i start my journey as a blogger, i try to grow mature and independent with my writing hopefully it helps me to be strong and open my eyes and heart to see the real world outside.. i may still have my own world inside me and will always do.. only the one who i trust will be allowed to go deeper to see the real me..
The meaning of my name really suit well with my heart and the inner part of me.. i'm too fragile and soft inside but not from the outside..maybe that is why hard for some people to really know me well..
Before this i never thought to be blogger, i just love to read others' blog and some interesting information from other people...

but now everything is change and different yup, i do believed some of my stories may inspired others to be strong especially the girls, ladies and women..apart from that, from a little girl who is not really into Islamic thing, i become more comfortable now to learn about how to become a good muslimah..i may not able totally change everything negative inside me but i'm trying and always do..I always have faith in Allah not matter i go and now it is proven that Allah always love me and guide me everything single thing that i do..

Yup, now i am a blogger.. =)