King Arthur, Guinevere & Lancelot

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OMG! i just can't believe myself that actually there was a tragic triangle love happened between King Arthur, Guinevere and new knight in Camelot, Sir Lancelot who actually did save Guinevere.. First of all, i can't believed myself when King Arthur actually truly fall in love with the maid, but yet love can happen to anybody and any where..then now make me thing again about Sir Lancelot, he fall in love with Guinevere, it was not his fault, thing just happened.. what make me feel really interested in this triangle love is how people react to love and what people can do when they feel like the love was not belong to them.. King Arthur truly down and frustrated knowing that he was sharing the love with someone else..and to add more depression that someone else was the one he trusted the must be hard on him as a king..struggling to noble, strong and independent on the outside but yet the heart already melting.. After all, he is just human being like us, only the class and reputation make us different in this world..

p/s: that's all my thoughts for now.. =p add some more later.. hehe