I'm not desperate...

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everyone in this world does not want to be alone..am i right? especially a young man and a young lady..this is the part when people try to find someone who will be their life partner till the end..you know when a little girl grow up and in the transition process, she feels like she wanna have a young guy to be beside and always hold her hand and put her in his arms no matter what happen..i past through the transition with some good and bad experienced..i learnt a lot of things and make me realize that each people are mean to be together with Allah bless..so maybe he was not mean to be for me..so, i will always have faith in Allah as He knows what is the best for each one of us..

I confessed, i did feel kinda like i wanna find a new guy in my life but yet i realize i still need to find Allah bless in my life before i can include stranger in my life..i need to be on the right path before i start my move again..besides  a good friend of mine advice me that, maybe i don't need to find one as he will find me later and it depends to time, maybe tomorrow, next week, next month or maybe 3 years later.. i just pray for the best and hoping that the guy i will meet one day who willing to take me as his faithful wife for the rest of his life will bring me to the right path and the relationship will be bless by Allah..

Yes, i am not desperate, i go through with the flow and have faith in Allah, and always pray for the best..