Fall in Love with "Count on Me"

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I am totally fall in love with Bruno Mars' songs.. especially "Count on Me" normally i don't really have favourite song yet this song is not one of my favourite but the best so far.. =) Normally I will fall in love to certain song if the lyrics and melody connected to my personal life.. Most important to me is the lyrics, as they contain messages and significant things about life.. That is why i don't have favourite song or artists as i listen most to everything but yet only the best and feel connected with my personal life will be choose to be my favourite.. =D You know what? I believed if we choose the right song to listen to, we can help ourselves to be more calm and relax after a stressful day.. As for me, i choose to listen to most English songs as i believe through songs i can improve my pronunciation..Apart from that, it is the best way for me to learn English without being too stressful.. =) I believed each one of you must have at least one song as your personal favourite..
Well as for me now, "Count on Me" is the best and my favourite so far...