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There are several things that I wanna confess.. It was hard for me but I will confess, nothing to be ashame of who you are but yet remember change the negative for the better.. =)

The first thing that i wanna confess here is that i sleep more than i eat..i can sleep 12 hours per day, (that's for baby right? i'm not a baby anymore..hahaha).. seriously, i do love to sleep during the day but at night i'm quite active, doing my work, surf the internet, anything that i wanna do..besides, i guess that's why i got this really chubby face because i sleep a lot, but my other parts just equal enough..(kuang3 =D) and from this u guys can also know that i am night person, not much a morning person..(so must be weird if i wake up too early during the holidays or weekends..hahaha)

The second thing that i wanna confess is i am a chocoholic..I love to eat chocolate so much, i can live one day without eating as long i got chocolate and water..(bad habits right?? i know, but what can i do..hehe =p) However, when i'm with my family, i must control that, if not, my mom will keep on nagging, she would say "Nk kna diabetis ka ha? Dh la mmg diabetis tu penyakit keturunan.. and bla...bla..bla.." I know, she care so much about me but sometimes i can't control.. I even challenge myself one month of fasting not to eat chocolate, (chocolate only la..can't fast a full month..if you know what i mean.. =D )

The third thing that i wanna confess is i will get mad and angry like a crazy girl if my sisters, mom and dad criticizes me.. anyone can give me advise or criticize me but not from my sisters especially.. What?? I'm the eldest, ok? So i always wanna win and always wanna prove to them that i am the best...(hahaha..sorry because only with them i can be proud of myself).. I know sometimes my sisters are right but i don't care, from here you can guess that i am a stubborn little girl..little girl?? ( based from my size only, ok?)

The fourth thing that i wanna confess is i hate when people keep on teasing me about my nose.. I know i have big nose but what can i do? I was born with this nose and i am lucky to have this such almost perfect physical, (almost perfect here mean i am not handicap and nice in my own way, even people may think i'm ugly).. There was an incident and significant thing happened about my nose.. When my mom was pregnant, she keep on acknowledge my dad's nose and keep on teasing him..then i was born and she knew definitely that i am her daughter when people who came and visit told her about my nose.. But now i take that as compliment when people tease me about my nose, u wanna why? Because this nose is perfect for me and each day i'm alive as breath through this nose.. =)

The fifth thing that i wanna confess is i am a strict and hot temperate person..I can easily get so hot at a time but after i keep on nagging and cursing for awhile, then i can cool off..(hahaha.. bad right? cursing? what the cat la r u..hehe) well, normal me..

The sixth thing that i wanna confess is i am a soft-hearted person inside.. seriously, u may not believed me but yes it is true.. I cry watching a sad movie, any movie that i watch if there are sad scenes, i will surely 100%, that i will cry that's why i prefer to watch sad or romantic movies alone, so that no one will know that i cry all my heart out..(but now u know as i'm confessing)..

The seventh thing that i wanna confess is my heart is too fragile.. which mean that i am sensitive and easily get offended if there are other people around other words, if i been humiliated in front of others, normally i was totally and easily feeling down..but if i am alone all by myself and done something stupid, i'm totally fine with it..(hahaha..funny right? or maybe not)..

The eighth thing that i wanna confess is i am more as a follower than a leader.. I can take orders from others but not quite good in giving i rather be a follower but not as passenger, follower, get it?? i mean i still can give opinions and my thoughts but at the end i follow the majority..normal thing to do right?

The ninth thing that i wanna confess is i don't really make jokes it just happened and if i'm in a good mood i'll let people tease me or make fun of me.. so, i just go with my mood, if i am in a good mood i will get involve and make jokes, laugh and make fun about mood change and swing every second so it depends.. if i am not in a good mood, better watch out! and most important thing keep out!! (hahaha..just kidding.. LoL)

The tenth thing that i wanna confess is i love to laugh.. i do, so if you see i am about to get angry or moody find ways to make me laugh but make sure that not to make me more angry or moody.. if not, i can be like a little girl, sulking all day long alone in my room.. (ok, that is so not mature, well, still young..hehehe)

p/s: that's all for now..later folks..daaa~~

Malu sdh~~~ hahaha