Something to ponder..

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Just watched few movies with my mom and we did argue few things in which how the non can easily persuade people to listen and hear what they wanna say.. Yup, it is true we have our own strategies to invite others to learn the nature way how to be a Muslim..and believe me, i can see that they are quite good in words, the way they used and play with one feeling is so amazing that make people believe in what they they easy target is when people are weak and need attention, they will use words which evoke one feeling and make he or she fall for it..such as a priest once said to sm1 who came to make a confession  "i am here if u need anything..i will listen and help you in any way i can.." very appealing isn't it?

It is different with us, Rasulullah S.A.W don't have to wait when one's feeling is mixed up, the words that Rasulullah used make us feel much better and release inside and outside..the beauty of Islam make others want to become a muslim..but what can i see nowadays, well first of all please don't get up set or angry, i know it may sound a little harsh but it's the reality in today's world.. yes, i do and really like when people tell me stories about the beauty of Islam in meaningful, easy to understand and interesting way to make me hunger for more information..but nowadays like my mom said some of our people really proud of themselves telling people how bad other people or other religion are..well, it is not how it should be done, we need to find ways to convince and persuade people not by condemning others..this is one of the example my mom heard, "ha, setiap jumaat ja kita dok tercongak tgk hindustan, buat bnda x berfaedah, dgr ceramah agama lg bgus.." to me, it was not appealing enough..from this we could see that the person talking actually notice and know what happening on every friday..

well, it's just my thought.. so, i give the rest to you to think..