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Sometimes I feel so invisible,
Sometimes I feel like I don't belong here, there or anywhere,
Sometimes I feel like nobody thinks that I'm one of their friend,
Sometimes I feel like people don't really like or adore my style,
Sometimes I feel like I'm an outsider as they keep on talking without noticing I'm there with them,
Sometimes I feel I don't fit to any group of people in this world,
Sometimes I feel like I am nobody,
Sometimes I feel like I know people but then I don't,
Sometimes I feel like people don't even care if I'm gone...

Well, maybe it is just my feelings.. I do have my own little world..
Keeping everything to myself and just imagine things without really
interact to the outside world..It is me..just me..and always me..
Quite selfish but nobody care about who i am, what i'm doing, what i'm going to be,
so i need to be that way..keeping everything to myself and be selfish for myself as long
i don't be selfish to others..