Oh, what a weird & strange dream I had!

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I don't know what happened to me last nite.. end up fall asleep quite late at about 2 am or smthng.. i don't really remembered.. cz it's kind of mix up with reality.. huhu.. don't know la.. but what can i said, it's kinda weird and really weird i dream about a guy.. and i wonder why that name? hohoho~~ maybe some people around me keep on saying that name..fuyoo..smpai ter mimpi2...hahaha..actually it is quite funny when i thought about it... well, i'm not going to put the guy name here..maybe just let me Allah know who he is.. jeng3.. biarlah rahsia.. then one of my dear friend kept on saying that "mana la tau if dh jodoh..kta xthu apa yg pasti hy Allah ja yg thu".. waaa...really make me feel so nervous lor..hahaha.. xda maknanya..daa, liyana, wat the fish la kamu ni.. but guys, really that dream make me felt a little different, but well mimpi tu org ckp mainan tdo ja kan..hurm, what ever it is, the guy appeared in my dream is totally sm1 i never meet b4 and sm1 that i nvr thought of to be that close to me..

It is just a dream and will remain my dream.. so it might not happen in reality.. =)