For my dear friend...

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A dear friend of my called me on Sunday at 4.30am..with a slower and really calm voice he said "Lya, this is me..I just lost my dad, on the first day of Aidil Adha.." I was totally in shocked and what can I said to him at that moment, "Innalillah hiwainnalillah hirojiun.." then I just said, "I'm sorry, i hope you can stay strong." After that, i tried to message him, I was relief to read his reply that he is in positive condition and quite strong.. I hope he will always stay in that positive condition as I believed that Allah always knows what is the best for each one of us..One day there will a beautiful rainbow for him that will make him smile.. I pray may Allah bless your father and family.. Stay strong my friend as you always tell me to do so..